Winchester Youth Rugby

Modified World Rugby Graduated Return To Play (GRTP) Program

A graduated return to play (GRTP) program is a progressive exercise program that introduces an athlete back to sport in a step-wise fashion. This should only be started once the athlete ***is released by a qualified medical professional***




Phase 2 can only be entered into with a release from a qualified medical professional. A written release from qualified medical professional shall be attached to and maintained with that player's CIPP* form per USA Rugby guideline regarding document retention.

Each stage from Stage 2 forward is only completed after the athlete has cleared a 24 hour period with no onset of concussion symptoms.  If symptoms occur while going through the GRTP program the athlete returns to the previous phase.

If symptoms persist for greater than 24 hours during any phase of the GRTP the athlete should seek immediate attention from a qualified medical professional.

It is recommended that a qualified medical professional confirm that an athlete can take part in full contact training prior to entering stage 5.

*CIPP: CIPP is Club Individual Participation Program. CIPP is USA Rugby’s third party liability insurance coverage that protects you, the team, and the club from lawsuits that may arise from accidents that occur throughout the season. Please keep in mind that this IS NOT medical insurance, but liability insurance provided to all USA Rugby members.