Winchester Youth Rugby


Not only are we a different sport – we are a different organization!

For the past 15 years our not-for-profit organization has been driven by one simple idea:  Get kids out and playing!

Our program is premised upon an academy model meaning there is a “focus on the development of core rugby skills, knowledge of how the game progresses, and the application of individual skills in a team-like environment”. At the same time, players older than age 9 wishing to begin learning and playing rugby are not excluded.  New and experienced players are always welcome!

Players enter in our Elementary Grade groups and learn the basics of Rugby in a non-contact environment.

From the Elementary Grade group they advance into the tackle phase of the game as members Middle School Grade teams. These teams are introduced to and coached in the proper methods and techniques of the contact aspects of the sport. It is at this stage where players have increased responsibilities and the intensity starts to pick up. 

The Middle School Grade team continues the growth of the players with increased training, fitness and game prowess. These  players then transition into the High School level of our program.

During these squad progressions there remains a constant and consistent message from our coaches; skills and knowledge learned at the preceeding ranks carries through and continues to build upon one another all the way through the penultimate level.

From beginning to end the players are encouraged to take on “ownership” of the team and organization.  So much so that by the time the High School level is reached, “They”, as a team, make decisions regarding scheduling of practices, organization of fundraising and recruiting efforts as well as running the Summer Seven-A-Side Season (aka Rugby Sevens; where teams are made up of seven players instead of fifteen…making its debut next year at the 2016 Summer Olympics)!

Rugby is much more than simply playing a game.