This is an easy one!  The team owns it's own game jerseys!  All your player needs is a pair of "boots" (cleats, soccer type is best) a mouthpiece, socks and shorts.  Pretty easy!

​For the tackle divisions rugby shorts are a definite!  These can be ordered as a group at the start of the season to take advantage of group discounts.

For the tag player all that is needed are a comfortable pair of boots. Type your paragraph here.


​We have always and will always do our best to maintain as low a cost as possible!  The fees associated with playing are as follows:

$35.00 Team Fee for any age group per player

$10.00 Winchester City Parks & Recreation fee per player

USA Rugby has individual player registration which is required of all participants (even coaches and referees) and information regarding these fees can be found here: 


Parents play a key role in the success of our organization!

Our Parents Group is not strictly about fundraising--- it is about raising the general public’s awareness that Rugby is available and the benefits associated with playing.

Involvement can be as simple as bringing water to matches to greater involvement as an administrator or even coach.

​There is a role for every level of interest!

If you are interested in helping out, just ask one of our coaches and they would be happy to include you in our emails and meetings!

Winchester Youth Rugby


Weather Policy

Rugby is played in all sorts of weather!  The only time  we will stop for certain is in the case of lightning.  If lightning does happen either during a training or a game ALL activity ceases for a minimum of 15 minutes; if lightning continues during that period then the event (game) will either be delayed or cancelled. If it is a practice it will be cancelled.

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