Winchester Youth Rugby


Since we fielded our very first Tag Team in the Summer of 2002, we have been a very diverse group.  Our players come from elementary, middle, high schools and home schooled students from all around the region.  Players from Clarke and Warren counties, as well as players from over the border in West Virginia.

Rugby is unique in that every body type has a position – and each position has the ability to get the ball in hand!  As the player progresses through the academy, they will begin to specialize from a positional point of view but there will always be the base athletic development:  running, passing and catching.

Player experience and ability may vary greatly – but the bottom line is that YOU WILL PLAY.

Our club has players that have never played any type of organized sport upward to players that are multisport participants.   We even had a deaf, three year player that made the All-State Boys High School team in 2013!

Rugby can lead to other successes beyond the Winchester Rugby experience. One of our players earned a Rugby Scholarship at a four year university. He originally began playing for the Middle School side. Most recently, one of our players will be entering a four year university in the fall of 2015; while not on scholarship in the traditional sense, there is substantial aid being made available to him via Rugby.